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The nanny state with it's big brother eye on everything. If they could build a skyscraper to look like a camera they probably would have.  Legion should make for an incredible game. London is a perfect setting for a game like Watch Dog.. If all the pieces fit together.
With the help of Wiki, lets see what all the fuzz is about..

The plot:  In the near future, the acceleration in the development of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) greatly impacts the economy of Britain - unemployment and organised crime swiftly rise, while the Pound is overtaken by cryptocurrencies. Aided by a newly crafted AI called Bagley, the London branch of DedSec investigate a group called "Zero Day" who are plotting to destroy the Houses of Parliament with explosives. DedSec operative Dalton Wolfe swiftly infiltrates the building to prevent the attack, and quickly discovers that the group are masquerading as DedSec, in order to frame them for the attack. However, while he manages to disarm the explosives, Zero Day manage to set off additional explosives around London, throwing the city into chaos. Before he can relay evidence of the hacker group's innocence in the bombings, Dalton is murdered by an unknown assailant who steals his findings.

In the wake of the destruction, the British government contracts private military company Albion into restoring order to London, granting its CEO Nigel Cass with access to the city's ctOS (central Operating System) provided by tech company Blume. Nigel swiftly begins hunting DedSec operatives, forcing the hacker group to go underground. In time, Albion brings calm to the city, but effectively transform London into a surveillance state - personal liberties are vastly limited, and citizens are constantly monitored in their activities by Albion. DedSec swiftly re-emerges once it is safe and opts to recruit new members from the city's inhabitants in order to uncover who framed them for the bombings and to liberate London from its current state.

In the near future? Transforming London into a surveillance state? Do they mean 2020?

Whats New? Unlike previous games in the series, Legion features the ability to recruit characters from around the city for the hacker group DedSec. Such characters form a roster that the player can make use of in the game, with the ability to chose a character they require or like to use for missions and exploring the city, and to switch to another at any time; characters in the roster that are not in use maintain a routine in their life per their background and lifestyle, until made the active character (i.e. spending time drinking at a pub, until contacted by DedSec for help). Each character that can be recruited has a unique background and skills that impact gameplay when controlling them. Examples include a spy that is proficient in lethal combat and infiltration, a builder who makes use of a wrench and a nail gun as weapons, a drone expert that can do more damage with drone weapons, a beekeeper that has nano drones to distract guards, a magician that hypnotize enemies and make them faint or aid you in battle, a football hooligan that can summon their friends in a fistfight, and an "adrenaline junkie" who deals more damage but at the possible risk of dying at any random moment. Each character can be customised with different clothing options, including a mask used when infiltrating restricted areas, and wield a variety of different weapons purchased or taken from enemies.

Before such characters will join DedSec, players must first complete a mission for them pertaining to a situation they are caught up in and need resolving. An example of such a mission would be helping someone working as a vigilante in shutting down a criminal operation they seek to disrupt. Along with completing a mission, the character's standing with DedSec also affects whether they ally themselves to the group, or refuse to help even if their recruitment mission is completed. Any character that can be recruited, can be killed during a playthrough by criminal gangs or law enforcement, and thus be permanently removed from the player's roster of playable characters, provided the player has the permadeath option enabled.

This is a huge selling point to me, something that has never been done before. Which is perfect for a game like this.
The option of having players you have customized and slightly bonded with being able to die is interesting too, Should add another layer to the fights and mission as your not going to be looking out for just you.

When is it out? Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Stadia: 29 October 2020. Xbox Series X/S: 10 November 2020. PlayStation 5: 12 November 2020. With updates coming 2021.

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