In 2015 we will be slowly introducing brand new split leather belt to all our buckle & belt combo listings. This will give our belts a much more premium feel and should keep the belt lasting even longer.

Care: Sensible care will ensure a longer lasting life of your belt. These belts are designed for changed. - Swap the buckle for that unique feature to any outfit.. Take care and be gentle when changing the buckles. As with many peices of apparel if you scratch it, it will mark. A extra tip when your taking the belt off dont just yank it off, take it out each hoop at a time.

Ordered the wrong sized belt from us? Let us know.. we can help.. | We send the buckles not attached to the belt, this is to ensure its safe arrival. If you want help to attach the buckle to the belt please do contact us. | If we run out of stock of a belt you will be automaticly upgraded to the next belt standard. - You will be contacted before hand just to confirm. This rarely happens.