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Funko's Mystery Minis collection consists of a selection of small vinyl figures (hence "mini") that are approximately 3 inches tall, widths vary from figure to figure. Mystery Minis are bought in blind boxes and so you do not know which variation of the figure you are buying until it arrives with you.

Most Funko Mystery Minis series contain 12-17 different characters/variations of a figure (see Portal Turret Mystery Minis), some (such as The Walking Dead Mystery Minis) also containing much rarer figures that have either a variation of a previous figure such as a glow-in-the-dark finish or a completely different design overall.

The Mystery Minis collection is a fun but costly way to collect Funko vinyl figures. Unlike Pop! Vinyl figures, You do not know what you are buying and therefore to complete your collection you must keep buying many bind boxes, with most people finishing up with many duplicates. These duplicate figures (figures which somebody already has in their collection) are often sold on websites such as eBay or traded for figures which the buyer does not already have in their collection (a bit like pokemon cards back in the day).

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